February 2013 Statistics


211 active cases of missing person. Source: Avisderecherche.tv.

50 active files (24%) included in the new database in Canada. Source: Canada’s missing.


717 active files (a little bit more than 10%) included in the new database in Canada. Source:¬†Canada’s missing.

Unidentified Remains Canada
About 600 active files.
-Only 1 case added to the database from the Province of Quebec.
-156 cases added in other regions.
-Total 26%
Source¬†Canada’s missing.

I am still looking for the official statistics of the year 2012. A recent report indicates that “more than 100,000 people are reported missing each year and most of them are found very quickly. However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) indicates that about 4800 people were still not found after one year, and that the number of missing persons over a long period continue to increase: about 270 new cases of missing persons are reported each year. Moreover, each year, the human remains of 20 to 30 people are discovered in Canada.”

Source: Coordinating Committee of Senior Officials (Criminal) Missing Women Working Group, Report and Recommendations on Issues Related to the High Number of Murdered and Missing Women in Canada.


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