February 2013 Statistics


211 active cases of missing person. Source: Avisderecherche.tv.

50 active files (24%) included in the new database in Canada. Source: Canada’s missing.


717 active files (a little bit more than 10%) included in the new database in Canada. Source: Canada’s missing.

Unidentified Remains Canada
About 600 active files.
-Only 1 case added to the database from the Province of Quebec.
-156 cases added in other regions.
-Total 26%

I am still looking for the official statistics of the year 2012. A recent report indicates that “more than 100,000 people are reported missing each year and most of them are found very quickly. However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) indicates that about 4800 people were still not found after one year, and that the number of missing persons over a long period continue to increase: about 270 new cases of missing persons are reported each year. Moreover, each year, the human remains of 20 to 30 people are discovered in Canada.”

Source: Coordinating Committee of Senior Officials (Criminal) Missing Women Working Group, Report and Recommendations on Issues Related to the High Number of Murdered and Missing Women in Canada.



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February 2013

When a disappearance affects a family, it often turns into a great deal of solidarity for those who live the same tragedy. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the disapearance of my sister Marilyn, I also want to share the images of those who are missing in Quebec. Who knows? Perhaps one of the 211 missing people will be found by you.

Source: http://avisderecherche.tv/disparus-suspects.php?&type=normal&mode=normal&estAvancee=oui&categorie=Missing&motsCles=&nom=&codeADR=&noEvent=&date_incident1=&date_incident2=2012-12-13&police=-1&etat=-1&recompense=sans&rechercherFiches=Rechercher&hiddenText=&orderBy=dateIncident%20DESC

Message from Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu

To the Bergeron family,

Five years later and still no answer… There is no worse pain for a mother, father, or sister than to remain without any news of their loved ones who disappeared.  On this day, we all think about Marilyn. I’m wholeheartedly with you and I pray that she will be found alive.

To all of the families who live with the disappearance of a relative, keep your hope alive and do not ever give up.

One day you will have an answer.



by Andrée Béchard, mother of Marilyn
Do not tell me the time arranges things,
Do not tell me to cross steps one by one,
Do not talk to me about mourning,
But tell me of hope.
Give me the strength,
Tell me not to despair.
It’s her silence.
Silence in her voice, her joys, her music.
These are life moments without her,
Moments that should be shared.
It’s the usual gaze on the same objects, her objects,
Interspersed with daily actions,
Where words and questions are lost.
Do not tell me to move on,
In this new situation, I still find her.
Do not talk to me as if she no longer exists.
She is just elsewhere, perhaps even different.
Do not tell me about memories and forgetting them at the same time,
But tell me of will,
Tell me of energy fighting fear,
Give me wisdom;
Which allows me to believe and carry on.
It is to speak of her in the present tense,
Without counting the hours and days that separate me from her,
The darkness of the night comes back and helps clear away the heaviness of her absence.
Still, I look forward to the new morning!
Who knows … at sunset …
I may finally have the long awaited news!
To our beloved daughter, Marilyn
Since February 17, 2008, we never stop thinking about you. We are looking for you everywhere. Being without news of you has profoundly changed our lives. You know how much we love you. We would love to see you and hug you.
Wherever you are, whatever your lifestyle, we will respect you. We will always be there to support, encourage, and help you if that’s what you want. We kindly ask Mary… Please contact us, your family, so that we can be relieved in hearing your voice.
You cannot imagine how happy it would make us!
We are so worried and sad!
Give us some news Mary! We need you!
Mom and dad who love you xxx