Already six years.

Is it even possible that six years have already passed ?

I was in New York, this city we were going to visit together. I gave you the choice between Coachella or NY for this sisterhood trip that we talked about for such a long time. Since then, I have politely declined almost all invitations to attend concerts. Without you, the music no longer resonates in my heart the same way.

New York is covered with snow. It took me nearly two days to finally arrive in Quebec City. I will spend several weeks there before returning to California, going back to work, getting married, losing loved ones, giving birth to Lætitia, attending weddings, supporting people divorcing, changing work, adopting a puppy…

Six years have passed. I live this parallel life in which I search… And will search for you without loosing hope of finding you.

I looked for you all over the world, in capitals and villages, police stations, charity organizations, in a movie, at the FBI Headquarter, in the press, on the Internet, by mail, by telephone, by letter, and so on. I searched among old friends who remember you and among your acquaintances that I did not know. I searched with extraordinary strangers with heart of gold.

We all look for you in our own way. Constantly, frequently, or occasionally.

I look for you. We will continue, relentlessly, to try to find you with the resources that we have. We will not loose hope.

I hope that luck will smile at me and finally I will find you, even if I don’t know what I will find.


Your body.

The shadow of what you were.


Six years already. I miss you like the first day.

Please give me a sign.

Nath xx

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