Press Release: Seven years of disappearance


Quebec City, February 16th, 2015 – Marilyn Bergeron was 24 years old when she left her parent’s house to go for a walk on February 17th, 2008. A few hours later, she bought a coffee at Café Dépôt de Saint-Romuald located about twenty kilometers from the family home, and was never officially seen again.

“Seven years after the person’s disappearance, the Superior Court may pronounce a declaratory judgment of death”. Marilyn Bergeron’s family will not be making this type of legal request since no information or evidence presented to this date can be used to reach a conclusion of death for Marilyn.

Today marks the sad 7th anniversary of Marilyn’s disappearance. Nevertheless, her family wishes to thank the public for providing crucial information such as potential sightings. Marilyn’s family also extends her gratitude to the media and charity organizations like the The Missing Children’s Network and AFPAD for all the continuous support over the years. It helps the family tremendously with keeping Marilyn’s image in people’s memory.

Following a request from the investigators responsible for the disappearance case of Marilyn Bergeron, Sun Youth has renewed the rewards offered through the organization. The reward offer, of up to $10,000, will be extended until July 13, 2015. The website of the family of Marilyn will also be modified later this year to include new objectives in the search to find Marilyn.

It’s important to note that more than 200 cases of disappearances remain unresolved in the province of Québec, from children less than one year of age up to 83-year-old adults. Marilyn’s family send their best wishes of courage and strength to all the families affected by the tragic event of a disappearance, whether for a few hours or for several years.

There is still no single database between the various law enforcement agencies in the province of Quebec or in Canada.

The Family of Marilyn Bergeron


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