Four-Year Mark by Andrée Champagne, AFPAD

It’s been four years since Marilyn Bergeron went missing on February 17th.The Bergeron family has never stopped searching for her.

Over the last 4 years, relatives of Marilyn Bergeron worked tirelessly in trying to locate the young woman or hoping to find any clue that could help.

They have extended their research across Canda and even to the United States, but without success so far.

Since the disappearance of Marilyn, the family has always relentlessly continued the search. They left nothing out: They plastered pictures of Marilyn in Quebec City, Montreal, and even Ontario.

Marilyn’s sister, Nathalie, who lives in California, never gave up. Nathalie and her parents have done considerable research on cases of disappearances in Canada and the United States. They developed their own expertise and noticed some issues in the way disappearances are handled in Quebec and Canada. On numerous occasions they informed our governments of the many legal obstacles that a family encounters, especially for the disappearance of an adult who may be helpless or in physical and psychological distress.

I accompanied the Bergeron family since the early weeks of the disappearance of Marilyn. I can testify to all the efforts (physical and psychological) and energy needed for a family to search for a loved one.

In my name and the name of AFPAD, I salute your determination and courage. Day after day I see you with your hopes, as well as your despair. Time is and will always be your worst enemy. Your determination will help you achieve the one goal that you set, that is of finding Marilyn.

Marilyn, if you ever read this message, know that your family is doing everything humanly possible to find you. And they live in hope that one day they can hold you in their arms again.

For those reading this message also, if you have any information please contact the authorities or the family so that finally they can resume their normal lives.
Andrée Champagne
AFPAD Coordinator for the Quebec Sector and East-of-Québec.


Letter by a childhood friend

Letter written by Meggy (Marie-Ève Gagnon) in February 2011 for the event ”Think of Marilyn.”

We met about 19 years ago. Naive, young and innocent… Nothing could stop us. You lived only a few houses away from mine. There are so many souvenirs. We invented games where Robin Hood was perched in the trees in your backyard. Remember the famous show in your basement? We charged $2 per person so we could go to McDonald’s.  The thousands of letters written during school hours with our secret code so that people could never understand. Basketball, Nirvana, Pulp Fiction … Our music group where you were the only one with talent. The numerous exits through the window of my basement so I could come to yours and talk until the wee hours of the morning. Our first cigarette … You’d had the brilliant idea to put some babypowder on the ceiling fan so that Michel and Andrée would not suspect anything! But what a mess! Our first party where your mother Andrée discovered everything. And then you moved away … Of course we both continued to evolve separately but always kept in touch.

This is true friendship. No need to talk every day but never a single doubt about one another. You are part of my life and even though we’re not together and we have not spoken for over 3 years, you are by my side through good and bad times. You’re a part of me!

I love you Mary

Your sister of heart Meggy