Contact us

Marilyn’s family 


Phone: 1-800-840-1526 (Free in North America)

Me Marc Bellemare

Phone: 1-418-681-1227

We maintain confidentiality.

Additional Contacts:

Enfant-Retour Québec (Missing Children’s Network)

Phone: 1-514-843-4333 or toll free 1-888-692-4673  Email:

Crime Stoppers: 1-800-711-1800 (Province of Québec)

Police of Québec City: 1-418-641-AGIR (2447) or 1-888-641-AGIR (2447)


2 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. I first heard about this site on 630 ched, edmonton, AB. My thanks to them. I’m very sorry I have no information for you. But, I have advice. Go to facebook with this information & make a page about it. Post photos & maybe they’ll be a lead. My best wishes for you & yours,


  2. Hello Jennifer,
    Thanks for the comment! The website is the first step but I am also considering Facebook. Some family members created Facebook pages already but it might be good to have a new one linked to the website. Cheers!

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