February 2013

When a disappearance affects a family, it often turns into a great deal of solidarity for those who live the same tragedy. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the disapearance of my sister Marilyn, I also want to share the images of those who are missing in Quebec. Who knows? Perhaps one of the 211 missing people will be found by you.

Source: http://avisderecherche.tv/disparus-suspects.php?&type=normal&mode=normal&estAvancee=oui&categorie=Missing&motsCles=&nom=&codeADR=&noEvent=&date_incident1=&date_incident2=2012-12-13&police=-1&etat=-1&recompense=sans&rechercherFiches=Rechercher&hiddenText=&orderBy=dateIncident%20DESC

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